OEB announces public hearing on AMPCO motion to stay the Transitional Capacity Auction

The Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario (AMPCO) has applied for a review of amendments to the market rules made by the Independent Electricity System Operator regarding the Transitional Capacity Auction (TCA). The Transitional Capacity Auction is set to launch in December. AMPCO’s motion seeks to stay the operation of the amendments, and could possibly delay the start date for the first auction planned by the IESO.

          The OEB announced on October 1 that it will hold a public hearing to consider AMPCO’s application. The Board has assigned file number EB-2019-0242 to the case and posted a series of documents related to the proceeding. The Transitional Capacity Auction Phase 1 Design Document was published on May 17.

          For further information, readers may wish to see the OEB notice at this location, or the full set of regulatory filings posted by the OEB at this location.

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