IESO sets new planning initiative for GTA West

The Independent Electricity System Operator announced June 6 that regional electricity planning activities had begun for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) West region. The region is defined on electrical infrastructure boundaries, but roughly encompasses the regional municipalities of Halton and Peel.

          The first cycle of regional planning in the GTA West region concluded in January 2016 with the publication of a Regional Infrastructure Plan, which followed the completion of an Integrated Regional Resource Plan in April 2015.

          With the completion of the Needs Assessment by Hydro One in May 2019, the IESO is leading a Scoping Assessment and is working with the transmitter (Hydro One) and Local Distribution Companies for the region. The work will identify specific needs and areas in the region requiring more comprehensive planning and the approach to be undertaken.

          The announcement includes the launch of a new engagement initiative to keep communities and interested parties updated on the ongoing planning activities and provide opportunities to give input.

          To view relevant documents and learn more about the GTA West Region, visit ieso.ca > Get Involved > Regional Planning and Community Engagement > GTA and Central Ontario > GTA West (http://www.ieso.ca/en/Get-Involved/Regional-Planning/GTA-and-Central-Ontario/GTA-West)

          For more information about the regional planning process, visit ieso.ca > Get Involved > Regional Planning and Community Engagement > About Regional Planning > How the Process Works.


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