APPrO 2018 conference proceedings available

The full proceedings of APPrO 2018, the 30th Canadian Power Conference are now available to all subscribers to the APPrO magazine. To access the proceedings magazine subscribers are advised to use the instructions below.

          How to access APPrO 2018 proceedings (Subscriber-only content):

1. Go to the magazine website – https://magazine.appro.org.

2. At the top right, select “member” then select “Send Fresh Auto Login Link” and enter your email address.

3. Open the latest email from APPrO with the subject line “Login credentials for APPrO Magazine”.

4. Inside that email click on the hyperlink labelled: “For auto Login To APPrO Magazine Website Please click here”.

5. You are now securely logged in.

6. Use the magnifying glass at the top right to search for “APPrO2018_proceedings” (Exact phrase). Or use this link: https://magazine.appro.org/news/national-news/5908-appro-2018-proceedings.html

7. When complete, log out from the “Member” tab at the top right.

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