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IESO launches consultation on governance and decision-making

The IESO announced in August that it would be launching a new engagement initiative to explore and potentially propose enhancements to its governance and decision-making framework. Engagement on this initiative will take place through facilitated discussions with the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, Technical Panel and Market Renewal Working Group as well as through meeting for stakeholders and market participants. The public meeting took place on August 21. An Advisory Group with stakeholder representation was formed and members were announced on September 6.

          The Advisory Group will consider the feedback received through the facilitated meetings to inform IESO recommendations to the IESO Board. The Terms of Reference for the advisory group are available on the engagement webpage, which also provides the objectives, scope and responsibilities of the group. All materials for this initiative will be posted to the engagement webpage.

          The following three areas of focus comprise the scope of this initiative to review decision-making processes in support of market evolution initiatives:

• IESO market rule amendment process

• IESO market manual amendment process

• IESO dispute resolution process (under market rules).

          The IESO Board of Directors will retain authority for making market rules and filing proposed

rule amendments with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB); and, IESO management will retain

authority for amending market manuals. The processes for amending market rules and manuals, specifically stakeholder participation in these processes, will, be the subject of the group’s engagement and recommendations to the IESO Board.

          APPrO has made a point of highlighting the importance of improvement in IESO governance as being central to the success of other initiatives including Market Renewal. See for example, “APPrO weighs in on OEB Modernization,” IPPSO FACTO, June 2018.


Colin Anderson, AMPCO

David Butters, APPrO

Jason Chee-Aloy, Power Advisory

Brandy Giannetta, CanWEA

Sarah Griffiths, EnerNOC

Margaret Kuntz, TransCanada

Michael Lyle, IESO

Alex Palimaka, Bluewater Power

Jessica Savage, IESO

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