Europe moves closer to standardization of smart grid technology


The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has published two smart grid specifications that aim to help drive the development and deployment of open, interoperable smart grid technologies internationally.

          The first protocol, group specification GS OSG 001: Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), is produced by ETSI's open smart grid industry specification group. This application layer protocol can be used with multiple communication media.

          Technical specification TS 103 908: Powerline Telecommunications, BPSK Narrow Band Power Line Channel for Smart Metering Applications, defines a high-performance, narrow-band power-line channel for control networking in the smart grid that can be used with multiple smart grid devices. It was produced by ETSI's technical committee for power-line telecommunications.

          "Industry's involvement in standards development is critical, as standards contribute to innovation, enable interoperability, provide investment security to clients and contribute to fostering global markets – and, moreover, provide choice and investment security for our customers," says Bastian Fischer, vice president of industry strategy at Oracle's utilities global business unit vice chairman of ETSI's OSGP's industry specification group.

– Renew Grid, Wednesday 18 January 2012

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